Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Award... For Me?! :)

The sweet Elisa of Scarlet Red has awarded me this!

What a darling!

Here are the rules!
Thank and link back to the person that awarded you.
Write 7 random things about yourself
Spread the ❤ to 7 other bloggers.

7 random things about me:
  • I grew up in the Philippines and moved to San Francisco when I was 16.
  • I've lived through coup d'etats , earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and rats (ew).
  • I'm married to a wonderful musician, Mikie Lee Prasad, and have a gorgeous baby girl, Daisy Lee.
  • I thoroughly enjoy expressing myself through singing other people's songs and my originals but am terrified of singing in front of people. But I can do improv - wha?!
  • Spam masubi is the best savory food in the world.
  • Fresh flowers in my home are a must!
  • I would love to live right by the ocean, listening to the waves crash all day and night, inhaling the salt of the earth, watching sunrises/sunsets over the water, and my kids running around in the sand, laughing and smiling. 

That being said, I share this award with:


Cindy said...

wow such interesting facts about you! I'd also love to live by the ocean someday and watch a sunrise for once! :) congrats on the award and thank you for mine!!! :D

Adele said...

Hey Marie! Congrats on your award, so well deserved. It was nice to learn more about you too! Thanks for thinking of me, that's so sweet of you. Have a fab weekend xoxo

lapetiteblonde said...

ooh!congrats for your award=)
kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)

Melu103 said...

awwwwwwwwwww =)
thank you love!
you made my day <3

[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥]

Have A Great Weekend!


[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥]

Hayley said...

aww congrats!! I love your facts about you.. so real. I am now following =)

annette tang said...

oh congrats!!


Marina Julià said...

Congrats for the award! Kisses!!

Anieblu said...

Hy dear Marie, thanks for your sweet coments, honestly the merith of the mix between the midi skirt and booties is from mumie, I saw an old pic from her with a similar skirt and ancle booties, and I fell in love how it saw them, when I saw that skirt on shoop, i didin´t must aboid buy it, and wear it with booties as mumy :_))

Carrie said...

Doesn't it feel great when you recieve these awards. they're always fun to do. :D

had fun reading this post. i love fresh flowers too. and i would also love to live by the ocean. it'd be so peaceful to just sit at the beach and read a book. or take a stroll at the shoreline.


laura said...

YAY! Thanks so much, dear. I am so very flattered to be given this award :)

I also grew up in the Philippines and moved to the US when I was 14!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

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