Me, Marie Applegate Prasad.

Quite like a pimple, there's a deeply rooted fashion monster inside me waiting to burst out! In my imagination, I find myself wearing the funnest, craziest, totally out there outfits, but in real life I tend to edit myself way down. BOOooooOoo for real life! I am working on one day exposing my true self (ew - not in THAT way homies) to the world - be it feathers, tiaras, puffy dresses, bright make-up, big hair, a faux beauty mark, pink, glitter, giant flowers bigger than your head, etc. One day... one day... just you wait, world! 

Stay tuned.

But for now, I strut around in my less crazy but still fun attire and hope you enjoy, laugh, smile and perhaps even find a little inspiration. Because in the end that's what it's all about - sharing and caring.

Thanks for stopping by!


Marie :)

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