Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cannes AmfAR Gala.

Instylation Best Dressed Award for the Cannes AmfAR Gala Goes to:

*a moment of silent anticipation while I open the envelope*

Sacre Bleu! How Cannes (get it? can? cannes?!) zis be? *gasp* Et iz a TIE!

Diane Kruger, in Calvin Klein Collection.
Liquid gold makes sweet love with every curve of her body in such a naturally sexy way. 
That gorgeous sheen makes me want to reach out and touch her - as if she was a goddess and could bestow love, power, and all that is good to those who surround her. 
It is simply stunning and oozes glamour without overdoing it. 

Mia Wasikowska, in Roland Mouret.
This dress was clearly made while looking in the rearview mirror: Well hellooo Mad Men! 
I do love me some feminine dresses that accentuate all that is womanly, or at least try and create curves where there should be some. C'mon Hollywood - quit starvin the ladies!
The simplicity of this structured gown combined with the confident color that is red is hot diggity dawg doggin in my book.


Ginger said...

heyyy. ur blog is fun. i liked the red and white striped pics alot.
xoxo from India

My Style Canvas said...

I agree about Diane Kruger. She looks old Hollywood glamorous in every pic I've seen of her. I think she took a cue from her character's style in Inglorious Basterds.

Mia's dress is beautiful too but I think it would have looked even better if showed a bit more skin up top.

Nikka said...

I love these two dresses you've picked out. The second one is so classy, but I just want to feed the girl in the gold one. :P

Ms LadyCakes said...

Hi Ginger - thanks for the love from India! My husband is half Indian :)

My Style Canvas - you're absolutely right - Mia could've shown a lil more skin indeed. Good call!

Nikka - word - she looka hangry!

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