Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Secret Workout.

Can't squeeze in the time to do a full workout? Me neither! Between running a couple of businesses, house projects, taking care of my adorable baby Daisy, date nights with the hubster, making time for family and friends and let's not forget this fabulous blog, I feel like When in the world am I supposed to exercise? But I know it's important to take care of myself so instead of carving out a big chunk of time, I've developed a daily secret stealth mode workout that fits in with my uber crazy schedule. A slice of time here and there is all I really need! Below are a couple of my staple exercise moves:

When driving, at each stop light, suck in your entire stomach to your core and hold until the light turns green.

After doing your business in the bathroom (whatever that may be -ewwww), do ten-fifteen lunges for each leg.

Walk, walk walk! Walk whenever possible. Instead of talking the elevator, walk up and down the stairs. Park in the furthest spot possibly in the parking lot, and walk. Every little bit helps!

I'd love to hear some of your secret exercise tips. When do you make time for your mini undercover workouts?


Wida said...

Hmm...Maybe jumping on my bed? Rolling around on the floor? Hhaaha, I'm weird like that!

Missing Amsie Blog

Ms LadyCakes said...

Fun Wilda! I need to do all those things more often :)

Thanks for stopping by... Your blog is totally cute!

The Cat Hag said...

Thanks for dropping by my little blog. :)

These are such nifty little exercising tips, I'd be sure to practise them since I am such a lazy bug and dun go to the gym. ♥

The Cat Hag

Joan.Dorina said...

i have to do them all more often your blog..Perfect post..Keep blogging honey.Great workblog..
follow us and we will follow you back!
yours fashionably Modeliciousbites from Greece!

Ms LadyCakes said...

Addie - Thanks for the love!

Joan.Dorina - Thanks for stopping by - following you indeed! PS - Why are people from Greece just so amazing?! The gal who did the giveaway is from Greece too!

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