Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's Special: Red Hot Pants + Black Tshirt

It's HOT. Well you know what?! My red hot pants are gonna out hot you Mr. Sun! These skinny red jeans were a find at one of my favorite thrift stores, Buffalo Exchange. Turns out they are the sample pair for Levi's Skinny 421 line - how random and cool is that? :)

Brightly colored clothing has a way of putting me in a goooood mood so ladies and gents, it's time to break out the brightest of the brights and dare-I-say the neon!

'I love you even though you are wearing red pants Mom', thinks Bongo.

Well, hello there flower!

Spying on the neighbors.

Flower in Hair, borrowed from Daisy (my daughter)
Black Top, Target Maternity (no seriously, it's my old maternity top and I love it!)
Red Skinny Jeans, Vintage (from Buffalo Exchange)
Shoes, Sway

A special thanks to Mikie Lee Prasad for taking pictures. 

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