Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casually Dating My Heels.

But I think I'm ready to commit to a full blown shoe romance!

Lately, I've been feelin' the need to up the girlie factor and be a lil' more G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. 
Glamorous! Fox-ay, fox-ay! 
Daily heels! 

 It's true, I've got a closetful, It's just that my dagnabit laziness tends to WIN most of the time.
Did I really just say dagnabit? Wow. I'm so uncool. Or was cool...back in the 60's. 

Thing is, comfort is my must-have ingredient for daily confidence.
So I either need to find some comfy stacked foot cover uppers or I need to learn to be comfortable in le sexy hot smokin' uber fantabulous heels. I'm rarin' to start training my lil tooties ladies! Wish me luck, will ya? And I'd die for any advice on what got you through the most difficult times, when you were ready to give up all hope, when you were ready to walk away sans heels...what gets you through? What's your bright shiny light at the end of the tunnel? What's your inspiration?

Having said all that, my utmost sincerest apologies in advance to my hubby, family and friends for my poor insecure megabitch attitude while enduring my marathon heel training. 
Start time: tbd. 

PS - I'm really hoping my training will be a lot like getting waxed....down there! 
The very first time I was like, !@#)*@!(*$)(@!#$)()@!
And now, eons later, I'm like, whateves. Just a part of the hoochie coochie routine.

My Cheerleaders:


everydayglamour said...

What? Love, love, love this! Great pictures and I think we share some style sensiblities. Glad I found your blog. :)

Nikka said...

Good luck!

district5 said...

beautiful pics!
Thanks for your comment. Tokyo is definitive the city I'm gonna visit!Hopefully soon...


Ms LadyCakes said...

everydayglamour - yay! Glad we found each other :)

Thanks Nikka - I'll need it for surely!

Christine - you'll love Tokyo :)

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