Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I hereby dedicate this post to the *smack* 
K.I.S.S.   a.k.a   Keep It Simple Stupids!

The thing about dresses is that they're an instant outfit and mos def fall into the KISS category.
Ya can dress em up with bangles and treasures, add a funky ole belt, wear some killer shoes.
OR if you're running late, ya can just super KISSIFY it, slip it on and 
run out the door in 2 minutes flat, as I did this fine mornin'.

Sometimes it's just best to KISS and tell, ladies. ;)

Sniffin' out the scene with my mongrel, Bongo.

Well how dee how do!
How're yoooooooouuuu doin?!

This is the
 I'm so terribly cool and important (HA!)

Followed by belting out the National Anthem.
Nah, just kidding - but good guess!
But whatever could it beeeeee?

That's right!
You guessed it!
BEES, homies, God damn freakin, BEES took over. :(
At least they make the oh so sweet, delicious and nutritious honey.
And just for that, I forgive them for scaring the food babies outta me.

Sunnies, Liz Clairborne
Purple Dress, H&M
Shoes, H&M


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