Monday, July 11, 2011

Lace Blazer + Long Sleeve Blue T + Black Mini Cords

When I'm having a 

'I feel sorry for myself, I feel gross and bloated, and my hair is terrible, are my nose hairs showing' 

type of day, I like to disguise my insecurities with a large amount of chunky bunch of necklaces, a LOUD leopard headband, a sweat texturized lace blazer. Really, just anything to make the world think that I'm thinking:

Hey! Look at me! I'm wearing funky stuff! I think I'm awesome!

And so VOILA, an outfit is born out of I feel like a chunk monkster feelings. 

Lace Blazer, Modcloth,
Cords, Mango
Blue Long T, H&M
Leopard Headband, gift from a friend
Sunglasses, H&M
Necklaces, from Grandma, Erica and Zafirenia


Molliee said...

the lace blazer is adorable! what a great piece!

Ms LadyCakes said...

Thanks Molliee! It dresses up any outfit ;)

Voilà! said...

That jacket is soooo fabulous!!


Ms LadyCakes said...

Meghan - it's one of my fave pieces :)

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