Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Mullet.

I'm debuting, my new mullet haircut....

da da da dum de dum....


The only time the mullet is a-ok by me, is when it occurs in clothing:

Thus, I present thee mullet t-shirt dress. 
I bet ya didn't see that coming.
A mullet t-shirt dress!
Who woulda thunkit?!

Work it, girl, work it!
Yes, I give myself peptalks, 'tis true.
In case, y'all didn't know, a dork am I. ;)

Spot the Difference, Biyatches:


Shades, F21
Heabband, H&M
Blazer, a gift from Mom
Mullet T-Shirt Dress, Sway
Shorts, H&M
Shoes, MIA

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