Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Summer Over Here Homies!

Luckily, in the Bay Area, we get an extended summer through October (aka Indian Summer). 
Obviously  this fantabulous since I am an island girl deep down inside.
I sliped a nude slip underneath my black cover up dress and add a red hot macramed belt with shells and  
 ta daaaa! I get that summer lovin feelin.
Yeah, it's a little short, but you know what? I'm gonna be complaining about not being able to wear shorts, skirts and dresses soon enough - so for now, I be flauntin my stems yo.
Bonus points to this dress for lookin asymmetrical - totally on trend without even tryin!

PS - I was at Nordie's today on the look out for some cute fall boots and man - I realized, I can totally sport this dress come the cold with some hot knee highs. Score!

Shades, F21
Dress, H&M
Slip, F21
Belt, from Boracay, Philippines
Shoes, Ambiance


Fashiable said...

Beautiful look


Courtney said...

You look so cute! I love this dress, so versatile! Where did you get your slip? I really need one but I have no idea where to purchase one! I love this look, you look great, and your pictures look so fun! Flaunt those legs girl, you look great :)

I Can Be Many Things

Clara Turbay said...

I love every post. i´d like you ckeck out mine.


Ms LadyCakes said...

Thanks ladies!

Courtney - I picked up my slip from F21 :)

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