Saturday, September 3, 2011

Orange You Glad?

I started the day off with just the basic casual navy blue dress and nude heels, and as I was hangin with my Fua (my aunt-in-law), she insisted on taking me shopping. Now really, there was no way I could refuse her - that would just be considered rude! Cruisin' the stores at Corte Madera, I popped into Nordie's hoping to locate the very hot, very cute, very now Sam Edelman Lyla Pumps in Leopard, but alas, they did not have my beloved physically in their store. Wah freakin wah. And the waiting shall continue...

This was actually a blessing in disguise because I discovered the freestanding Madewell store - YES! I immediately spotted this fabu orange scarf and knew that it would instantly add a little zazazoo (thanks Ms. Bradshaw for your precise way of wording!). Made my outfit a little more fun rather than just your super duper basic getup. So athank yas Madewell, and of course, thank you Fua!

PS - I also totally scored some fun wide legged navy pants and a sweet lil orange necklace, which I'm sure I'll be sportin on these fine pages here soon enough.

Necklace, a gift from a friend
Dress, thrifted
Scarf, Madewell
Shoes, Sam Edelman


The Rule of Mr Kane said...

the blue with orange was this summer trends for boys! and i love it!


Ms LadyCakes said...

I'll be sporting this color combo through the fall - girl style! :)

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