Tuesday, September 6, 2011

W I D E .

Hey, you.
Ya, YOU.
These handsome navy blue pants are NOT bell bottoms.
Not that there's anything wrong with bell bottoms, but these are W    I     D    E legged pants.
Yup, nice and W    I    D    E and long and uber comfortable.
Ahhhhh, it's nice when there's some breathing room and circulation down there, dontcha thinketh ladies?
Makes for a happier Ms. Ladycakes that's for sure. :)

(that's my karate chop, in case you weren't aware.)
Take that skinny jeans!
(although I'm not completely over you...)

Note to self: Next time you go shopping, just remember, comfy threads ain't no good if your footsies are dying. Word.

With all the rage in armpit posing, I thought I'd join in on the fun.

Necklace, present from a friend
Top, H&M
Pants, Madewell
Belt, ?
Shoes, Sam Edelman


La Professionnelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog--I love your wild posing! :)

In the first picture where your hair looks like a shampoo ad you look like Mila Kunis in the 70s show.

I am following via e-mail now.


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty, I love that soft pink top with those gorgeous pants! I just came across your blog and it's great. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know, or follow me and I'll follow back!
xoxo, Veena <3


Fashion and Number said...

You look very cute. I like this pants! But I am so short to try this style. You know? :(

a story about M said...

great outfit! :)

sammycx said...

nice outfit! I love the trousers! they are so stylish :)


Anonymous said...

Great outfit, I love jeans like that.

Collections said...

Love the blue pants.

Fashionable Collections Giveaway

The Rule of Mr Kane said...

love the look, specialy the look!!!


Ms LadyCakes said...

@ La Professionnelle - oh my goodness- Thank you! I love Mila Kunis :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

VLM - thank you so much! Yes - definitely following you :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@Fashion And Numbers - You can definitely pull it off -it's all about finding a good tailor :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ a story about Mem - why thank you milady!

Ms LadyCakes said...

@sammycx - they're my new favorite pants :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

Jaclyn - why thank you - they're at the Madwell stores and online too!

Ms LadyCakes said...

@Collections - thank you!

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ the rule of mr kane -you are too kind! Thank you :)

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