Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tippy Canoe.

My good friend and fabulous musicianess, Tippy Canoe, has a flair for super groovy retro styles. She always brings her A game when she performs with her high waisted skirts and colorful neck scarves. As I was assembling today's ensemble, I couldn't help but feel like I was channeling her! 
And as I write, I couldn't help but feel like, I couldn't help but feel like Carrie Bradshaw. Ha!

I henceforth (ew, I hate that word) dedicate this fabulous Saturday to Tippy Canoe and her fabulous super stylin songstress life lovin ways!

PS - I have a habit of always having at least one hair tie on my wrist - it ruins many a pictures. Argh!

What's on the floor?!

Boop, boop Betty Boop!

Retro Robot Dance.

Well, helllooooo there!
Sucka face Marie.

Scarf, H&M
Top, Le Chateau
Skirt, a gift from my mom
Shoes, Sam Edelman


TEA LEIGH said...

Sooooo cute! :) Love it...fllwd ya ;) and thanks a bunch for stopping by.


Girlfriends said...

lov your scarf <3

Flow Disruption said...

Her use of colour is great! I love the neck scarf. ;)

Flow Disruption said...

Ahh, it's you. I get it now! Haha. You, my dear, have a wonderful sense of colour. ;)

Irene said...

u're so trendy!!

Dominika said...

You have such lovely shoes. I have a thing for leopard print stuff.

xoxo, Dominika.

Vale ♥ said...

Love your skirt and shoes ! Plus you look very nice and fun to be with from your pics =) Kisses xoxox

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Tanvi said...

Scarf was a great touch!

♡ from ©

Low said...

Yes! That´s a very retro look, but so cute!! Love the scarf on your neck!! :-)

Kisses and have a great w-end!

kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome

yumiKo said...

Thanks for stopping by!!
I like this outfit!!! :)
Can you follow each other? :)
I'm already doing it! :)

Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

haha love it!

i adore the little scarf and shoes!


Ask Erena said...

Amazing shoes!!!!! Are we following each other? I want to stay in touch, cause I like your style.
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Melu103 said...

hi gorgeous!
thanks for stopping by my blog

want to follow each other?


roxana said...

Lovely look, the shoes are amazing!
Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! :)

t said...

Nice shoes!

lapetiteblonde said...

beautiful!!love that skirt!!
kisses and have a nice day=)

Katsuumi said...

Amaizing dress and shoes, it suit you ;) I like your blog. If you want we can follow each other! :)

Tatiana B. said...

Hi dear!!!
First of all, I really want to thank u for the comment left on my post, I really appreciated it!
Really great blog, and these shoes!!! I love them!
I'm following u now, please follow me back! :)

kristina@beancakes ★ said...

marie ~ i'm off to buy those sam edelmans right now ~ LOVE!! and you look gorgeous my bay area friend ~ i'm actually no longer in berkeley ;( i reside in portland, oregon now. . . i'm familiar with concord ~ used to work there actually! {don't you just love sun valley mall?!} but i must say that i love your outfit here ~ and i'm serious about those pumps! oh, and i always have a hair band on my wrist too ;) ;)
xo ~ ks

Eva en Anna said...

Nice outfit! I love your skirt :-)!

Anna, Eva

a story about M said...

amazing look! LOVE IT! :)

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

super cute outfit, i really love the skirt. the length is so perfect! great post!

x sarah

Alexandria said...

wow, killer shoes!! love love them.

your new follower:)

follow me back?


AW THESE PHOTOS ARE SO SUMMERY AND HAPPY AND YAYYY. I love that skirt - it looks like it'd be sooo much fun to prance and spin around in and AW YEAH.

kira said...

Love the shoes. Great styling. Follow eachother?

Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

thanks for the comment, new post:


cute necktie :)

I'm having a giveaway, check it out!


Miss Bias said...

How cute are your shoes?! Fabulous.

Miss Bias

Marina Julià said...

Nice outfit and lovely shoes, I love them!! I follow you, kisses!

MIRIAM said...

Woooowwww...great shoes! :-)

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Kimberly said...

cute outfit love the skirt so pretty!

laura said...

you look so retro styling gorgeous! I love the addition of the neck scarf! and the heels. The heels, lady! SOOOO vava voom! ps. i absolutely detest the word "henceforth" hahaha

Happy Monday!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Le Salt Lake said...

Oh my your shoes are just fabulous!!! ANd I love your scarves too. My French grandmother says that if you ware scarves you will never get sick!

Bárbara Neves said...

Amei conhecer aqui e ver você em meu blog ;)
Lindo seu look! :D

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love the top, love the skirt, LOVE THOSE SHOES!!

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