Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two For One.

Another gorgeous day in the Bay calls for the right to bear arms (and legs!). 
Soakin up the sun before the fall layers come into play. 

Sunglasses, Liz Clairborne
Bracelet, from Boracay, Philippines
Top, Sway
Skirt, thrifted
Shoes, Sam Edelman

Yesterday... all my troubles seem so faaaaarrrr away...
That just came out - whopsies.
It started with writing Yesterday, as in, this outfit is what I wore the day before today. 

Went to a fun little ad event in San Francisco - it was amazing hanging out and meeting a whole plethora of insanely creative peeps. The energy was high and drinks were a flowin... Can't get better than that. 
Oh wait, but it did! 
We were treated to two awesome performances by Dodos and Dan the Automater.
The crowd went wild! 
Or at least I did.

My best Reese Witherspoon impression

Necklace, VerreEncore
Dress, H&M
Belt, Le Chateau
Shoes, H&M


wardrobeexperience said...

those brown sandals are so amazing... and the blue dress is so cute too.

Steffen said...

wow! your wedges have just made me want to dash out to H&M and grab a pair, i love them!

Anonymous said...

Awwww two insanely cute outfits you have here hun. I especially like how you paired some assymetric stripe action with a pink sheer. Gorgeous! ^_^


Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

love the wooden platform on the boots and how the boots match the dress!

inmyhansonshirt said...

I just love both of these outfits! I am really into that first one though! I love the cut of that top and the pattern on the skirt. They look great together!

Flow Disruption said...

Both looks are awesome! You look beautiful. :) Purple and red are such an awesome and unique combo.

Anonymous said...

The blue dress is soo cute! looks great on you! love the shoes too!

kristina@beancakes ★ said...

oh my gosh marie! has anyone ever told you that you look like a dark-haired reese??? you totally do!! and you look beautiful ~ i love this dress!!
xo ~ ks

Bruce said...

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