Monday, April 25, 2011

Me Love Long Ones.

I'm obsessed with long dresses. Body Hugging. Flowy. Crocheted. Knitted. Cotton. Printed. Plain. Colorful. Monotone. Floral. Me Love Long Ones. 

Over at this corner, coming in at 5'9, weighing (none of your goddamn business) is the amazonian woman, MsLadyCakes! 

At my height, the one thing I am picky about (with every right to be!) is the length of the maxi dresses. I require the bottom of the dress, at the very least, to hit below my ankles. If it's longer than that - well, shoot, even better! I'm all for (literally) trippin over the excessively long.

Lucky me, I just got these two sexy dresses from Modcloth Maxi Heaven.

Have you ever seen a sexier covered up back? I think not. On top of that, the neckline is super flattering - and if you're daring enough, it has enough support to give the ladies some freedom to dance. Southampton, here I come!

Can I just say I feel like one hot mama in this?! I put this dress on, sans the cropped floral lace overlay, and was transformed into a young lady, as my mother would say. Wait a second, can I still say that?! I'm married and have a beautiful sweet baby girl, so hmmm... appropriate term may be old lady? Nevertheless, as Shania Twain best puts it, 'I feel like a woman!' in this gorgeous insanely long gown. If I had it my way, I'd never ever take it off. Ever. Throw in the lace top, and it gives the dress a little more of a modest vintage feel. Either way, I've got two awesome outfits in one. 

Now only if the Bay Area weather would cooperate I'd be in business, struttin' around in my two new fave beauties.

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