Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's Special: Pale Pink Mesh Top + Lace Blazer + Dark Jeans

If you ever find me in jeans it's because:

1) I just rolled out of bed 
2) I don't feel like concocting some adventurous outfit 
3) it's cold 
4) legs are cactus like
4) I'm late 
5) all of the above

That being said, I still do love me some jean wearin' time. Today's denim outfit is brought to you by category number five - oh yeah!

Gettin jiggy with it.
Pardon me for the uber cool '99 phrase. It's retro, right?

Phew, mid-air and tatas are in place.
Time is still on my side...for now.

Shoulder lovin.

Yellow Headband, borrowed from my daughter, Daisy
Pale Pink Mesh Top, Vintage
Lace Blazer, Modcloth
Jeans, Gap
Brown Work Boots, some store in NYC (my memory is fleeting - sorry!)

A special thanks to Mikie Lee Prasad for taking pictures.

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