Friday, April 29, 2011

Mutha F*ckin Sparkle Party. (part 1)

Last night I got glittered out for the insanely kick ass  Mutha F*ckin Sparkle Party and it was awesome! It was just what I needed - glitter, insanity, solid beats, good company and a dance floor. I decided to create my own blinged out attire. Got myself some white hot pants with rainbow colored pinstripes, a white tube top, nude fishnets, white leg warmers and just glitterfied the hell out of all those pieces of clothing. FUN!!!

A little noise to get you in the mood: German Sparkle Party (on repeat!)

Fairy dusticles!



Um, excuse me but your booty is glittery.

Glitterfied chesticles.

The whole shebang.

With Amanda, at the Mutha F*ckin Sparkle Party!

Waiting on more blinged out pictures from my good friend, Erica Bowman. 

In the meantime... here are some party shots from official photographer, Luiza Leite.

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