Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today's Special: Belted Floral Dress + Teal Cardigan

I look out the window and it looks Springy but as soon as I step outside I am met with a gush of icy cold wind. Brrrrrrr! I reeeeeeeally don't wanna have to change out of my soft and billowy dress. I love how I feel in this super feminine floral number and the way it moves with me. Dammnit, I'm going keep this dress on and find a way to make it work! I decide to add a pop of color in the form of one teal cardigan and - Huzzah! - all better. Now off to walk and sway and twirl and swirl and enjoy the world!

Flower, Mother Nature
Dress, Vintage
Cardigan, H&M
Belt, Vintage (from my Grandma's collection)
Shoes, Sway (clothing boutique in Alameda, Berkeley and Concord, CA)

A special thanks to Mikie Lee Prasad for taking pictures.


Vale ♥ said...

Your vintage dress is beautiful and you pulled out a great outfit with it =)

Ms LadyCakes said...

Thank you for your kind words Vale! :)

islandgirl said...

Love all your photos, you should model, you know..

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