Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today's Special: White Lace Dress + White Sweater

It's an absolutely gorgeous 70 degree weather type of day. That's day, mind you. At night, in the good ole city of San Francisco, the temperatures will MMmmmmm...drop! I decide it's a very frilly, very girly, very lacy white dress  kind of Sunday; warmed it up with an oversized white short sleeved sweater; cinched it with an awesome leopard print sash from my good friend  Tippy Canoe; and topped it off with some brown military boots. Perfect for warm and chilly temps indeed. 

My Sunday line up consists of The Roots of the Rising Sun, an all star benefit for musicians in Japan at The Starry Plough in Berkeley followed by wandering on over to Haight St. in San Francisco while I house sit  a friends place while she's off in Hawai'i. Good times full speed ahead mi amigas!

White Dress, Forever 21
White Sweater, Vintage
Leopard Print Belt, present from Tippy Canoe
Boots, some place in NYC

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