Monday, May 2, 2011

Shiny Happy People.

Who couldn't use a little more shine? No, no, no. Good Lord not on your face silly! I mean on your hair. You know, glossy hair! Sheessshhh.... 

Whenever I wear my hair straight, I feel the need to polish it off by adding a bit of Shiny Happy People to make me feel extra va-va-vavoomish. Good hair gives me a major mojo boost. I notice myself playing with my hair more, tossing it back when I laugh, waving it around while I dance to Lady Gaga and using it as a weapon on those not so rare occassions. 

But here's an extra juicy tip that I just discovered. When I let my hair do it's own thing (going to bed with a damp head of hair, waking up with insanely voluminous waves on the verge of birthing curls) it gets a little wild and crazy. The unruliness can be sort of charming but when I need a little bit of refinement, I once again turn to Shiny Happy People. I spray on the magic and my mop top turns into a frizz-free shiny mane of surfable waves. Muchas gracias gente feliz brillante. 

Important Disclosure: Now it's always great to have supermodel shiny locks but don't forget to spray it from about 6-12 inches away from you hair. Seriously. Or it could turn into I haven't washed my hair in a week but I don't give a f*ck statement that our lovely Bay Area hipsters have so perfected.

The Shiny Happy People Benefits:
Great hair can get you into that new club and complimentary drinks.
Long bathroom line? Pshaw. Not for Shiny Happy People.
Unemployed? *Enter: Fabulicious Hair* Not anymore.
Paparazzi worthy hair distracts other drivers so you can swoop in on that parking spot.

What has great hair done for you lately?

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