Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pale Colored Eyeliner.

Last night, 'til the wee hours of the morn, you were:

A) drinking wine with girlfriends

B) shopping online at the fabulous Modcloth

C) catching up with the newest season of 30 Rock on Netflix Streaming

D) re-organizing your already fabu closet

You wake up this morning, the rim of your eyes a nice red/pink color combo- UGH! You can't wait to roll into work and hear the comments, 'Dayum girl, you look tired'. Another way of saying, you look like !@#. Thanks - I absolutely love getting compliments like that! :P

Ladies, I'm spilling the beans and am gonna let you in on a little secret to disguise the eyes:

Benefit Cosmetics High Brow

Check out the solid price of $11.34 on Amazon. Take that Sephora! (Okay, so I love sephora but they are way overpriced, no?)

Yeah, I know that this is technically used to highlight your brow bone -- but honestly, who doesn't make their make-up work overtime, double, sometimes triple duty style?! So here's what you do, simply line the lower rim of your eyes with this magical soft oyster pink hue, adding a dash to the inner corner of your eyes and VOILA! Not only will you look instantly refreshed but it'll give a little of that rockstar glam edge without going overboard.

Yes, yes, yes.... you're welcome!

Rock on sistas! 

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