Thursday, April 14, 2011

Manning Up.

Before I start this post let me just say that looking on the last few posts I realized that I guess I'm kind of obsessed with white! White pants, white scarf, white make-up and am currently painting an old desk white (but more of that in a post to come). You can't go wrong with white, it's nice, clean and classic.

So here we go -- Manning Up. I'm a lot handier than people give me credit for. Honestly, I act like a damsel in distress about half the time because I know I can get someone else to do it. Manipulative - I know, I know - but hey - it works! But recently I've discovered that I actually like to do manual labor. I find it to be very therapeutic and relaxing.

Yesterday I took in my dilapidated screen to Orchard Supply Hardware (O.S.H.) in hopes of getting an instant replacement. But alas! OSH does not carry pre-made screens. Oh no, no, no! They sell kits so you so you can make it yourself. YIKES! What was I to do?! I did my best attempt to be a pathetic girly girl so that I could have one of the employees build it for me. Sadly, it did not work. :( However, one gentleman did go above and beyond helping me - so I got as much out of it as I could but still had to build a screen all by myself.

Ch-ch-check it out!

Easy as 1-2-3 - ha! Yeah right.

Easy to build - NOT. False advertising!

Assemble all the materials.

...including this fine toothed hacksaw. Intimidated yet?!

Measure the length of the sides of the old screen.

Breaking out the hacksaw -- feeling dangerous!

Feeling cornered... (lame joke, I know :P)

Add corners to perfectly hacksawed metal sides...

Part deux of corner adding...

Assemble all the sides together and...

Ta Da! A well shaped window screen frame. Yay me!

Time to add the metal thingamabobber boos to one side of the frame to ensure a snug fit.

Actually I forgot to put this in first so I had to take apart the frame with the help of some dude walking by. He felt really bad for me. I made sure to sound extra pathetic and weak ;)

Screen time! Put the screen over  entire frame with 2 inches to spare on all sides. Place rubber string thinger in place...

...using this fine tool that the OSH team let me use to make things easier for lil ole me.  ;)

Sweet Jerry from OSH inspecting my work. 'Wow, you've worked with your hands before haven't you?,' he says, 'not everyone can do this.' Best compliment ever! Thanks Jerry! :D

Jerry shows me how to cut the excess screen and lets me use his razor to finish the rest.

All done! Look at me Ma! I'm a man!

And that concludes this portion of The Man Show. Thanks for watching! :)

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