Thursday, April 14, 2011

Triple Layered Necklace Centerpiece.

Here's a simple outfit made a little more fun by adding layers of necklaces:

Flower in hair by Mother Earth
Teal Cardigan by H&M
Navy Blue Tank by H&M
Basic Black Mini Cords by Mango

I love that each one of these necklaces was given to me by a different person. My friend Erica Bowman made the top two stranded blue and turquoise necklace for my birthday one year. She is mega talented! I love seeing what she's going to make next. The middle necklace, a gun metal multi-strand beaded piece, is from my mother's giveaway pile. And the bottom portion is actually two long strands that I've looped around a couple of times to give it that plentiful effect -- that's from my grandmother's collection. She passed away a few years ago and had a crazy amount of jewelry - thanks Grandma!


Karen said...

You're so talented and fun Miss Marie! Wish you lived closer!

Ms LadyCakes said...

Thank you Karen! :)

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