Friday, April 15, 2011

Deconstructed Bouquet.

I've been a little down so my husband got me a couple of bouquets of flowers recently. Isn't he sweet?! :) Sometimes a girl just needs to be surrounded by beautiful flowers! So the bouquets have been around the house for a few days and some of the flowers were looking a little less than fresh. What I normally do is deconstruct the bouquet and save the good flowers and re-distribute them using vases and an assortment of glassware.

Purple daisies in a large red wine glass.

White hydrangeas in a tall rectangular vase.

Pink rose in a blue shotglass.

White daisies in a stemless cocktail glass.

Red gerber daisy in a small shotglass from Australia.

Altogether now! 

A gorgeous everyday flower arrangement for your home!

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