Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today's Special: Striped Top + Pleated Gray Skirt

For the most part, I tend to go matchy matchy with my outfits. If I'm rockin blue and / or gray - I generally stick to black shoes and silver jewelry. Booooorrrrriiiiinnnngg - I know, I know. So this time I thought to myself, what can I do to funk up my look a little. Something out of my typical color palette ... AHA! Let's do the opposite - brown wedges and a large gold chunky chain. Wait a second - let's add one more pop of color - a multi-strand piece of jewelry featuring a metallic teal-ish flower. For my hair, I decided to leave it as is when I first tied it back to wash my hair this morning (Lazy? Yes. Cute? Yes! Clearly a winning combo in my book). And last but not least, a little pink glitter liner just because I can. 

Lemonhead anyone?

Lights, camera, necklaces!

Lemonhead face still going strong...

Whiz zee jacket.

Making zee love to zee camera!

Flower, Mother Nature
Striped Top, H&M
Gray Pleated Skirt, Modcloth
Jacket, Levi's
Brown Wedges, Sway (stores in Alameda, Berkeley and Concord, California)
Chunky Gold Necklace, from my grandma's collection
Multi-Strand Necklace, custom ordered from Zafirenia


My Style Canvas said...

Love the flower in your hair! Love Modcloth clothes, too.

Ms LadyCakes said...

Aw thank you so much My Style Canvas! I checked out your blog - gorgeous illustrations. Mila Kunis is a fave of mine too! :)

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