Wednesday, April 20, 2011

French Braided Hair Wreath.

Now that my hair is nice and long I've been having a lot of fun with different styles. If you're hair is styled in any way at all, it often seems like you've put thought in taking care of your appearance. Five minutes tops is all you need for this French braided hair wreath. The quick and easy 'do is ideal for lazy girls like me!

Start with a side french braid...

...continuing the braid around your head...

and finish off by securing the ends with bobby pins.

Don't worry about wispy pieces hanging out - imperfections add character. At least that's what my dad always says, and gosh darn it, I believe him! ;)

No matter what you wear, this 'do will dress up your whole look!

PS - Looky what I found yesterday:

Two gals at a Parisian Fashion Show, as captured by Vanessa Jackman

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