Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hair Lovin.

Jonesin this hairstyle but not sure how to achieve this messy pretty 'do.It looks simple enough but I know it's more complicated than meets the eye (like every woman in the entire universe!). Any hair peeps out there who can give us a little step-by-step shout out? Much obliged for your potential genius insight. :)

What to wear with the hair:
Bandeau bikini. Oh la la!
Pair with long maxi dress. Boho goddess.
Add jeans and simple plain top. Modern 70's casualness.

Maximize girlyness with a frilly short lace dress. Look out world!

UPDATE: Thanks to Stephanie Singon for showing us the way! Or at least pointing us to a youtube video on how to do the Waterfall Braid. :)


Christine Yun said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! & I am in love with this hairstyle too. I'm trying to examine how it was done. If you find out, please share!


Ms LadyCakes said...

Christine - YES! As soon as I figure it out... ;)

fumblinginthedark said...


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