Monday, May 23, 2011

Today's Special: Grayish Mauvish Dress + Plaid Shirt

My wardrobe magically expands when I dip into fabulous hubby's closet. Oh my beloved hubby slash photographer, Mikie Lee, thank you for always lending me your awesomacular cardiovascular econmicasticular testicular pieces of clothing (whether you like it or not!). Always nice to know you can dress down a n y t h i n g, anything at all!, with your significant other's flannel. 

By the way, what's up with the flannelicualrs? Is it retro, is it new?! If you remember wearing it the first time around, oh, say about 20 years ago (HOLY SHENANIGANS! Did I just say t w e n t y?!), it's definitely retro...for you - you old fart! If not, well, welcome ya young-in to one of the newest trends in lazy dressing - Instylation approved!

PS - I don't know how, but (HEAVEN FORBID!) Mikie managed to somehow make my legs seems short in these shots. :( I guess he's some sort of magician dat one. 
Awwwwww, not to worry poor Voices in My Head (aka Ego), we'll make up for that next time around with high wattage leg power!

All covered up. 
Ain't nuthin but a gangsta!
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair.

Ceramic Flower, from Hawai'i
Dress, H&M
Flannel, Mikie's Closet
Shoes, Payless baby - oh yeah!

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