Friday, May 27, 2011

Long Brown Cowl Neck Dress

My friend, Anne Marie, and I went out to dinner last night and had a whopping good time! Let's just say it took MAJOR effort to roll out of bed this morning, and trying to piece something decent to wear, well that wasn't really at the top of my list. BUT, my dear creatures of the night, thank goodness for easy breezy statement dresses! Make sure you've always got one in your closet you can throw on whenever you've got the case of the smushy mornin brain.

Brown Cow Neck Dress, Modcloth
Sandals, Ambiance
Necklace, VerreEncore


Anne Marie said...

Cute!! You look much better than I did the next day :\ haha.

Ms LadyCakes said...

AM - you always look amazing no matter what!

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