Thursday, June 2, 2011

High Waisted Red Hot Pants + Loose Black Sheer Top

Mama's night out - Woohoo! B and I saw one of my fave local bands, Festizio, at Cafe du Nord, in San Francisco last night. I've been wanting to check out that venue for over ten years. Shessh kabob! I just said, TEN years! Glad that it was a band worth seeing :)

Anyhoo, I generally like to dress for whatever the occasion may be. Rock outfit for rock show - oh yeah! Nothing says rock star wannabe like red high waisted hot pants, black sheer top, old fashioned pantyhose and black boots. I was in the rock mood, I was in the rock moment... and a part of me desperately wanted to be on stage! But alas, the stage is still a terrifying enigma that has a choke hold on me. Next best thing is to simply rock out with my HUGE rock out. 

Um, PS - this is sans make-up, hair did, shoe change and successories.

Black Sheer Top, H&M
High Waisted Red Hot Pants, F21
Boots, Bakers


Nikka said...

I love the old style pantyhose! And my baby sis, of course!

Ms LadyCakes said...

And we love you ate! :)

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