Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Totally Sheerious, Guys.

I've always been a little afraid of wearing sheer for fear of looking like a total slutface
Well, my sweet, non-slutface pals, I just realized that ya just gotta learn how to be strategically sheer! 
Think of it this way, it's kinda like the trend of wearing cut out dresses - you only want to expose a little bit of flesh at a time so you don't look like... well you know what.

This blush pink top is sheer all over except for the chesticle area - phew! I love how it's very loose and tentlike - perfect for scarfing down salad, bruschette, carbonara, tiramisu and a lemon bar. *burp*
My fabulous VERY sheer skirt needed a friend to take care of hidin me ladybits - and so black tube top came along parading as a very fitted slip. SCORE! (I'd like to thank the hot Free People ladies for that genius idea.) Extra points for le slut skirt for having an elastic waist - a definite plus for all dining occasions. 

And with that, off I went to drink, eat and pray catch up with my lovely college lady friends, all of whom, have very nice bewbies.


Sunglasses, from my grandma's collection
Necklace, a gift from Brigid
Purse, Shu Uemura 
Top, Sway
Skirt, Free People
Shoes, Sam Edelman


Molliee said...

I love this look and your silly photos!!!

Courtney said...

this cracked me up!
love the sheer top!
I Can Be Many Things

Ms LadyCakes said...

Molliee - It's twirly skirt love :)

Courtney - glad I could make ya laugh! :)

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