Thursday, August 25, 2011

TestTube, Baby!

Just got my first New Beauty Test Tube package, and although the products were fantastic, the New Beauty magazine was extremely disappointing.

I first noticed New Beauty on the magazine racks in May at the airport as I was coming back from my lil vacay in Hawai'i. With a clean bold cover, this magazine stated that it was brand new and different from anything else with an insane price tag of $10. Ummmmm, yeah.
But I was intrigued. Ten dollars! Well, it must be fan-freakin-tastic!
And so, when it came with my Test Tube buy, I immediately opened it up to devour each and every page only to find out it's all about:

1) the latest greatest cosmetic surgeries.
2) youth!  I mean, like, above and beyond obsessed.
3) how to beautify yourself, as defined by Hollywood.

Come on NewBeauty folks! This is the exact same bullshit that all the other magazines feed us. 
You're not new. You're not innovative. You're not different. And you sure as hell aren't worth $10 a month. 

But enough of my bitching, here's the good stuff it came with:

New Beauty magazine $9.95
Loreal Elnet Hair Spray 11oz full size val $14.99
Mally Evercolor Starlight eyeliner in midnight - full size val $15
YBF Posing Plum lip liner full size val $8
Lash Food eyelash conditioner 1.5ml - val $22.50 (full size 8ml is $120)
Orlane super moisturizing light cream 11 ml - val 36.30 (full size is 50 ml for $165 @ bloomingdales)
Befine exfoliating cleanser 1.5 oz - val $9.38 (full size is 4oz for $25)
Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner .25 oz - val $11.50 (full size is 1oz for $45)
Sparitual hand serum .25oz - val $3.75 (full size is 4oz for $60)
Macadamia oil hair mask - 1oz - val 3.53 (full size is 8.5oz for $30)
Macadamia oil healing hair oil - 1oz - val $9.28 ( full size is 4oz for $39)


suki said...

so is it worth the $30 a month for just the box of good stuff? :)

Tina said...

Your box looks awesome!

I received my August Birch box two weeks ago (my first one!) All I can say is it was LAME. Two other co-workers of mine got completely different boxes... Theirs were uber better. One even got the Blinc mascara I've been dying to try.

All I got were teeny samples that I will probably never use. I did get one cute bottle of nail polish... but either way it was sad.

Maybe next month it'll be better!

Ms LadyCakes said...

Suki - YES! :D

Tina - I'm sorry your Birch box didn't work out. The reason I picked TestTube over Birch is because you get almost full-sized products. Let me know how it goes next month Bella.

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