Friday, August 26, 2011

Lil Bit O'Daily Fabulousness.

There are times when I just want to roll out of bed and go out in my PJ's (mind you they're either panties and a tank, long jammies and hubby's shirt or my berfday suit - Oh yeah!).
For those type of days, I know you fine lookin' gals end up putting on the typical uniform of your go-to same old same old jeans and the first cute top you can find.

Well, here's a little guide to doing anything BUT that...

 ...lame lazy excuse...
.... that I love from time to time...
...Shhhhh don't tell on me.

Enough with the three periods!
Ha! I said periods.
Ugh, that's probably what sparked this whole thing anyhoo.
Am I talking to myself...again?

Dammnit,the three periods are back.

Okay, FOCUS.
Back to the subject of being fabulous!

Ah, yes, a lil bit o'daily fabulousness guide:

Instead of a boring pony,
Pick out a rockin' cute hat to cover up the greasy mess of hair.

Rather than your standard jeans and cute top,
Grab the first dress you see 
(as long as your stems don't resemble a fine lookin' cactus, if so, easy peasy as Plan B - add tights!).

Flats? Rubber Shoes? Flip flops? Pshaw!
Whatever heels you can manage to hobble around in will do just fine.
My current faves are my Sam Edelman Kellan, in case ya didn't notice ;)

No need to do up your face just add,
Some fine lookin' shades - giant, oversized, and mega dark please!
And to t-t-t-top it all off, add some ROUGE lipstick to your sweet puckers.

Now I'm not saying you have to do all of this at once, but adding one or two elements will make you feel less drab and more fab - I promise!
And there you have it ladies (and maybe even some gents?!) - the easy essential go-to FABU guide when you just don't wanna.
And believe me, there are plenty of days when I just don't wanna.

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