Thursday, August 18, 2011


My dad's mom, that's grandma in layman's terms,  would be so proud of me for sporting a scarf today.
The lady was obsessed with scarves.

As a little girl, I remember grandma sending my mom an exuberant amount scarf paraphernalia, including but not limited to, scarves (TONS!), scarf VHS tapes, scarf how to books and just plain ol' pictures of scarves.
Yeah. Tell me about it.
My breastless 12 year-old self got into it for a period and was fascinated with the sophisticated sexiness of the large folded triangle scarf that was made into a halter top. Of course, I was never allowed to wear this out, but still...I liked the idea of experimenting and finding new uses for the same item.

I never really got around to incorporating scarves into my everyday attire as an adult but after my grandma passed away she left me several boxed filled with her insanely awesomely crazy costume jewelry and... YES. You guessed it, enough scarves to wear a different one everyday for the rest of my life. 

So here I am, wearing one of her fabulous pieces of cloth.
And you know what?
I actually rather enjoy strutting around town in it today. 
It honestly gives me instant style and sophistication without having to try too hard.
And we know how much this gal loves fashion and beauty shortcuts! :)

Next time you need to dress up an outfit, reach for a fun lil' scarf for an instant style boost.

In case of an emergency, your nearest exit is behind you, not in front of you.
Thank you for flying with us today.

Orange you glad my skin's orange?
I do NOT use self-tanner, but this shot makes it seem otherwise.

Blue Velvet Romper - Yum!

Scarf, from my Grandma's massive collection
Romper, Modcloth
Cardigan, F21
Shoes, MIA

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mestizay said...

hey babe!
Really you're filipina?no wonder you are so pretty! I really like those classy and chic shoes!:)

Following you dear.

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