Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hula Shakin' Hips.

You know how magazines, tv, the world, hell, even your mom, has tried to tell you to cover something up because they don't think it looks good? 
Wear these 12 inch heels to elongate your short legs.
Cover up your beautifully unique freckles.
Straighten your amazingly unruly naturally curly 'do.

Um, how 'bout @#$#@ that?!

Here today, I stand before you emphasizing my hips.
Oh hell yeah!
A woman's got to embrace what makes her a woman, what makes her unique, what makes her special and different from all the other gals running amuck.
In this getup, I brazenly say:

Dear World,

I've got hula shakin' child bearin hips with a matching bitable *crunch* badonkadonkie and I love that it all makes me, me.


What's something that society has told you to try and de-emphasize but instead you proudly embrace?

Repeat after me, Badonk-a-dooooooonk.

Inspired by Tyra Banks Awkward Posing.

Necklace, Erica Bowman
Sunglasses, Liz Clairborne
Top, thrifted
Dress, F21
Shoes, custom Converse


Erin said...

Love your skirt-and adore the color combo with the hot pink accents!


Erin @

Jackie said...

Cute! Love this color combo :)


The Rule of Mr Kane said...

love your skirt!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute Look, Love the shades :)

thanks for commenting on our blog!
how about we follow each other?

a story about M said...

love your outfit! :)

t said...

Nice outfit!

mestizay said...

I love these photos! so carefree and charming.:)

Am now following you!

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ Erin - thanks! I love hot pink :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ Jackie - :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ the rule of mr kane - the skirt is actually a dress! thank you :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ cinderella alert - thanks! yes following you gals :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ a story about M - thank you my dearie dear! :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ t - why thanks missy :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@ mestizay - awww thanks - it was a really good day :)

following you my dear!

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