Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Love Letter.

Dear Beautiful Ankle Strappin' Leopard Print Chunky Heels,

Twas a sad day as we could not be together. I know I was such a tease this morning when I 
  eyed you... touched you... put you on... 
only to have taken you off and replace you with *gasp* H&M flats

Oh the shame I feel! 

Please believe me when I say I truly tried. 
Someday I will overcome these pathetic obstacles that keep us apart -
  the walking of the feet... the heat of the day... the rawness of the back of my heels

How I missed thee, my sweet flower!

I am merely but a weak pathetic human but know your heart:
I will build my strength up and we shall be together again one day.


Sunglasses, Liz Clairborne
Necklace, VerreEncore
Bracelets, from the island of Boracay, Philippines
Cardigan, vintage from my mother
Dress, H&M
Belt, vintage from my grandmother
Shoes, H&M

Rejected Shoes :*( , Sam Edelman


t said...

Cute dress!

lisa signorini said...

WOW! amazing!

Thanks so much for your comment on my last post, if u want we can follow each other!!
Have a wonderful day!

.sabo skirt. said...

Beautiful post. We love the dress and the belt. And we also love the rejected heels.

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Sabrina said...

nice style!

Anonymous said...

Hi again pretty! Just wanted to let you know I am following you via blog lovin. So excited! Ohh and such a hot little outfit you have going on here! Love it! xx

lapetiteblonde said...

love your dress!

inmyhansonshirt said...

Such a cute post! I love this outfit and (both!) pairs of shoes!

Mitha Komala said...

aww dear! love your dress and flat shoes <3

follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

Low said...

You look so cute with that pink dress!!!
I also love your beautiful smile!


laura said...

I hate shoe-breaking-in periods, especially when the shoes look as gorgeous as those leopard ones! :(
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

Molliee said...

love your outfit with and without the leopard heels!!!

adele said...

Hey Marie! Thanks for stopping by my blog...come follow me hun!
I love your little letter to your shoes :)

Jason Laucht said...

amazing color!!! so cute!! <3

pls come and check out our ASOS bag giveaway
mwah!! said...

love your website and the pokadore dress!!!

Amanda Nguyen said... be lookin GOOD in those leopard heels! I love how you paired them with the pink polka dot dress!! and least you tried in the morning...but even though you defaulted to flats...they still look cute!!

p.s.-yes you MUST come to the halloween party at dland one year!! so much fun!!

Mary and Dyer said...

Those leopard heels are so amazing! I've been looking for a pair for awhile now & these are just what I want. Too cute! xox

I just became your newest follower! I'd love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like!


Tanvi said...

Aww! :( Those those really great! Sorry that you cldnt be together.

Pretty dress!

♡ from ©

Pink Fox said...

Cool combination! Love your shoes! :)
Thanks for your lovely comment! Would love to follow each other! :)
xx from Munich

The Cat Hag said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

Your dress is super cute, I love the color and the polka dots! :)

The Cat Hag
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ChiChi81 said...

Your leopard heels are gorgeous! I love it. And I really like your pink polka dot dress. You looked absolutely adorable in it. It's too bad those two didn't go well together but I'm sure you'll get the chance to strut those hot heels soon :)

And those shell bracelets are from Boracay, eh? Cool! I'm from the Philippines haha :) Now I know why they're just so familiar.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a gracious comment. Following you now, have a great weekend!

Marie said...

@t - :)

Marie said...

@lisa signorini - thanks! :)

Marie said...

@.sabo skirt. - thanks for liking the rejected heels! ;)

Marie said...

@Sabrina - thansk girl!

Marie said...

@Professor Barbie -Yay! Thanks for your patience and being persistent and following :) You rock!

Marie said...

@lapetiteblonde - glad you like! :)

Marie said...

@inmyhansonshirt - thanks darlink!

Marie said...

@Mitha Komala - am already a follower my dear! :)

Marie said...

@Low - you are too sweet! Thank you! :)

Marie said...

@laura - shoe breaking is just torturous!

Marie said...

@Molliee - hahaha thanks Molliee! :)

Marie said...

@adele - thanks :) already follow ya!

Marie said...

@Jason Laucht - :)

Marie said... - glad you like :)

Marie said...

@Amanda Nguyen - thanks hun! One day I will make it to the Halloween spectacle ;)

Marie said...

@Mary and Dyer - you should totally get teh heels for sure!

Marie said...

@Tanvi - hahaha , thanks! :D

Marie said...

@ Pink Fox - following the pink fox!

Marie said...

@The Cat Hag - :)

Marie said...

@ ChiChi81 - thanks for your comment! I miss the Philippines ;)

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