Monday, April 18, 2011

Accidentally on Trend: The Ombre Edition

Have you heard of that hair trend, Ombre? Yeah, me neither until all the different salons I've been to lately keep asking me where I got my hair ombred. Wha??? What the hell is Ombrification? (Okay, that word I made up, but sounds cool, no?)

Ombre originated with girls growing their hair out of their current color. Basically dark roots with lighter ends. Um, yeah of course I totally planned this look two years when I dyed my hair last. I'm a long-term planner - duh! 

For now I've got no choice but to pretend that I'm cool and trendy. 

Ombre con mi hombres, Brigid.

Celebrity Ombrites

 Adorable Drew Barrymore rockin' the roots. 

Fashion icon, Rachel Bilson, leading the way to ombrification.

Matthew McConaughey's baby mama, Camila Alves, ombrified.

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