Sunday, April 17, 2011

A History of Unsuccesful Garage Sales.

Every year we have a garage sale with some good stuff. This time around we've got a t.v., dvd player, speakers, cell phone, chairs, beer maker, ice cream maker, steamer, tables, etc. One man's junk is another one's treasure, right? Maybe the problem is that we just have junk! Here we are chillin on a lazy Sunday afternoon as people come but leave with nothing. :*( I'm just about ready to give up and leave it all out overnight and have someone haul it away thinking they've scored.

Prasad Sale.

Excellent office chairs for your million dollar home office.
New speaker technology for your 65 year old boyfriend.

5 CD disc changer and receiver - what the hell's that?
Non-HD, non-blu-ray DVD player.
Non-smart phone.
Belkin dinosaur router.
TI-83 calculator for those everyday graphs.
Lil girl or tranny boys clothes that he/she will only wear once.

Buy this for your spoiled 8 year old who won't appreciate it
cuz it's not a flat screen tv.

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