Monday, June 20, 2011

Cream Bat Wing Top + Pink Mini Skirt

Most gorgeous weather in San Francisco today! I decided to soak up the sun in a lil off the shoulder smolder action paired with this pink semi-tiered mini skirt that I've had for about ten years. Is that considered vintage?! My skirt being at least ten years old?! Hmmm... well shoot, let's hear from the peanut gallery: how old does something have to be in order for it to be considered vintage?

Obviously I was a a supreme ballerina in my past life. Duh.
Cream Bat Wing Top, H&M
Skirt, ?
Shoes, H&M
Earrings, ?
Sunglasses, Liz Clairborne

Pictures courtesy of the hottest firecrotch in town, Brigid Hughes.


islandgirl said...

Lookin hot Marie!

Ms LadyCakes said...

Thanks sis-in-law! :)

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