Sunday, June 19, 2011


A peek into the magical life of the child named Daisy Lee:

Banana mashin for nana bread!
Best airplane snack evers.
And well, I make the best banana bread ever.
So there you go.
Double glazed. 
Gigi (Grandpa) and Ga (Grandma) takin' Daisy shopping.
Hide your wallets before it's too late!
I'm gonna have me a Daisy for lunch - Arrrrr!
Esmerelda predicts Daisy's future.
Papa, Daisy and baby Ariel at the Finding Nemo ride.
Holy Crap, Dad, that's Goofy!
Stich and Daisy Duck fighting over Daisy.
No, seriously.
 They were actually having a spat...
Obviously Daisy Duck won!
Daisy meeting Daisy Duck for the first time. :)
One exhausted baby.
 Legs up and all!

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