Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holey Sweater + Hot Pink Tank + Mid-Length Pinstriped Shorts

These shots don't do the outfit justice. Wah, freakin, wah. Hubby wasn't around to bang, bang (not in that way!) me, so this is what we're working with.

Today I had a shoot for the awesome new online fashion video site, Joyus
I had a couple of dresses planned but then decided to go the fun casual route. They're gonna dress me up in their clothes anyhoo, might as well wear whatever I want :) Little did I know that they ended up letting me use my top as I showcased three pairs of ah-mazing jeans! I've been told that the video will officially be up and running this coming Monday. 

Stay tuned!

Hi Daisy! Hi Bongo!
Holey Sweater, Nordstroms 
Hot Pink Tank, Thrifted
Mid-Length Pinstriped Shorts, Thrifted
Shoes, Sam Edelman


Molliee said...

your shoes are fantastical!!!

Ms LadyCakes said...

Mollie - thanks! My new shoe obsession is Sam Edelman :)

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