Thursday, September 15, 2011


Not sure if this happens to anyone else, but there are times when I'm so excited about a a new purchase  that I stubbornly decide I'm going to wear it no matter what. Like this morning, for example, even though I had tried to style this awesomacular dusty pink tissue thin very loose (think tent!) top in about 20 different ways that didn't work, I didn't want to back down from the challenge. Instead, I turned into this crazy obsessed mad woman who was fixated on wearing it and spent Oooo let's say a good 30 minutes rummaging through a crapload of clothes. 
Why I do this to myself, I just don't know. I guess it's just part of my charm or something. Ha!

Oh, and of course, after spending quality time with my closet this am, I thought about a million and a half other ways to style it while going about my day. It's kind of like, when you're in a situation, and you don't know what to say, but afterwards think of all the best comebacks. 
Damn you brain! Why must you fail me?!

Well anyhoo, here's the winner of this mornings clothing battle as seen at the
Concord Farmers Market / Michael Jackson Tribute Band concert:
(and yes, the tribute band was totally amaze-a-balls!)

Mama and her favorite flower, Daisy. 

Daisy running to check out the MJ crew.

Up close and personal.
Cousin It's Cousin.

Sunglasses, Liz Clairborne
Necklace, gift from a friend
Top, Kerisma from Swirl
Dress, F21
Skirt parading as Slip, from my mother
Boots, BP from Nordstroms


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Love it.

Follow each other.

Eva said...

The dress is socute! You look beautiful, doll xoxo

Melina-Lajolie said...

hey beautiful :)

lovely outfit!! your dress is totally awesome :)

please visit my blog and become a member if you like it :)
melina from

Denise Pacurar said...

What a gorgeous dress!! LOVE the lace detail!!

xoxo Denise

Molliee said...

fab outfit... I love the layering of a sweater over this flowy skirt! said...

what a romantic and yet casual look!

I'm attending New York Fashion Week and would love for you to check out my coverage (lots of insider exclusives and fashion moments)
an asian fashion lawyer living and playing in LA, giving you an insider's peek into life in the fab lane!

meimei said...

I love EVERYTHING about this look! Especially the boots!

islandgirl said...

I don't know why, but that second picture reminds me of your mother when she was younger. I think it's the way the lighting hits the back of your hair that gives the picture a vintage look.

Ms LadyCakes said...

@♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ - thanks darlink - I'll be checking out your blog :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@Eva - awww shucks - thanks love!

Ms LadyCakes said...

@Melina-Lajolie - thank you for your kind words! Definitely going to stop by your blog :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@Denise Pacurar - thanks! This might sound weird but I was totally drawn to it because it reminded me of my First Communion dress from when I was 7. Ha! ;)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@Molliee - diggin the sheer sweaters this season - perfect for the Bay Area! :)

Ms LadyCakes said... - thanks! Love your NYFW coverage lady :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@meimei - thanks! Just got the boots too :)

Ms LadyCakes said...

@islandgirl - I'll take that as a compliment - hahaha! :)

lady sélénite said...

Beautiful !

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